Ilke Gielens & Nico Maestro ANIMATION


Co-founded by Ilke Gielens and Nico Maestro, IN Capital Studios is an animation company that prides itself in creating original ideas and telling new stories across a variety of platforms. IN Capital Studios uses immersive and emerging technologies that are then molded into their unique design, style of animation and imaginative storytelling.

Our studio is rapidly expanding, creating and delivering quality work for such companies as Adidas, Rooms To Go, Ford, Lincoln and Inditex while at the same time developing original content that allows them to grow artistically and tackle new challenges.
At IN Capital Studios it doesn't matter where the project comes from, as long as it is motivating and demanding.


Ilke Gielens


Ilke Gielens is the art director of IN Capital Studios. She is responsible for the direction and visual style of the studio. She supervises every image, every frame created at IN Capital, creating its unique identity and visual stamp. Ilke Gielens creates a totally immersive experience with her projects or creating one-of-a-kind Apps. Small or large, she tackles all projects demands and challenges with a passion for the business. “I try to give a soul to our creations, going through a range of graphic styles, whether classic animation or 3D animations”

Nico Maestro


Nico Maestro has worked and directed more than 200 projects, divided between animation and the world of mobile applications, video games and new immersive technologies. His work over the last 15 years has allowed him to continue to grow and learn with the ever-expanding technological advances, giving him the confidence to face and develop any challenge in the industry, whether in animation for movies, TV and advertising, interactive technologies or mobile applications. Nico has had the pleasure to work with such prestige clients such as Ford, Adidas, Inditex, Hankook, Pizza Hut, Yelp among many others. Nico also takes pride in working with new up-and-coming companies and has the pleasure of collaborating with individuals and other studios in developing new and unique ideas, leading him to create IN Capital Studios (Ilke and Nico Animation), alongside Ilke Gielens.